I have had a life based on hate. It starts at the basics: hate of your annoying brother, then it progressed to actually hurting him, then hurting others, both physically and mentally. I have been in every position of bullying, except for the part where you try to stop others. Bullying is just like a bad infection on your hand, it grows, and then if left untreated, grows further, until you wind up in the hospital near death. I have nearly reached the full point of that.
A young mind is easily manipulated, by human and other kinds of corruption. I was in third grade, at Elmhurst, and I had to share the last fifteen minutes of lunch with my brother. I had his friend beating on him, and eventually he was beating on me with my brother. Then he went back to fighting my brother. Eventually we were caught, and brought into Mr. Sather’s office to tell him about the whole thing. Then our parents got involved, and they all were ticked that: 1: we didn’t tell them about it. 2: We let this happen, doing nothing about it. 3: that they had to waste their valuable time to consult us about it. So it turned out like this: I had to spend all of lunch in the office for a week, me and my brother both got the computer and video games taken away for two weeks. For a third and first grader, that is harsh.
Then I got into fourth grade. This is where everything changed. I was starting to be teased, and it would not stop. To worsen it, my ADHD started to kick in, and I went all out on him, trying to beat him to a pulp. Mr. Knowles found us, and put a stop to it. My glasses were broken, we both had bumps and bruises, and we both had to talk to the principal. Afterwards, I had to talk to a psychiatrist every week, and I had to take medication, which I still do now, to control my ADHD. It continued, though we did not get into fights anymore, but we had death wishes on each other, and we called each other names. On the last day of school, I was left under a desk crying. Once my parents picked me up, we had an emergency meeting with my psychiatrist to talk about it. I am just thankful that the only bad part of fifth grade was that my partner screwed up on our entire State Project, sending what would have been an A, to a low C. And that I barfed 3 times during the Outdoor Ed week.
In sixth grade, I had a friend that we started calling very bad names, and gay along with that. Another friend and I drove him to tears and also out of our scout troop. We sent him into a whole other part of school, and then he started telling his parents, and they told my parents, and I wound up without video games even longer than I already had. We continued throughout middle school until the middle of eighth grade, and then it got bad for me.
I started to get annoyed with other students. They teased me for being on the Sound and Light Team, SaLT. I started to unleash the rage that has been held inside me for years. I punched a few girls in the face, got into a fight, which resulted in getting a (very) bloody nose, a swelled upper lip, and a day of suspension. Not as bad as the other kid, who got a giant bump on his forehead, and a week of suspension.
Now I am here, the rage held inside, my mind shredded into pieces, and revenge taking hold of me. I still get in trouble at Foothill, I cussed at my Spanish teacher (very fun), pretending to stab at a girl (I still have trouble remembering that), and I still beat on my brother occasionally.
Boys take violence like no big deal. Life is no video game. You don’t get to respawn back to the checkpoint; you don’t have health points or a shield for cover. You have blood, clothing, and flesh. There is no reset button, and unlike the movies, you will not survive a bombing raid, or shrapnel in the heart. Reality does not pause for anyone, and your ghost will not run for your body when you die. Think before you act, and you may survive to the next day.


Have you ever been bullied, or seen someone getting bullied? It’s cruel. Why can’t we just all get along? Does a small school or big school matter? There’s always that one in a million who get bullied each and every day no matter what size school they have and how many kids there are.
I’ve noticed over the years of elementary school at Montalvo and middle school at Anacapa, that bullying never takes a rest. Every day, walking through the halls or simply just sitting in the quad to have your lunch, you would either see someone getting bullied or you would be the victim yourself. For me, my elementary school years, I remember being afraid to eat lunch where everyone else ate, so I’d spend my lunches eating in the bathroom. The kids at my elementary school would tease me or make fun of me because I was different, so they had drove me to the point of having an olser.
At school I saw that kids that were really mean to one another just because they were either new or different on a level which they didn’t understand. I never bullied anyone to the point of hitting or shoving someone, but I am to blame about calling people names and talking behind their backs. I wasn’t proud of it and I really wish I hadn’t. I was just doing the same as the other kids did to me. The school administration didn’t do anything. It wasn’t until the bullying at Anacapa increased, that the schools teachers had assemblies explaining how to prevent bullying.
Every day, there’s just no telling whose going to get bullied or made fun of. Kids think it’s funny to make fun of other kids, but what they don’t know that this is a serious issue that sometimes scares kids for life. I truly think if teachers address this issue more in school and parents at home, then this would decrease on all the bullying in schools all around.


Bullying. This is a word that is all too familiar to everyone all over the world. This horrible growing epidemic America in, this has also have a horrible affect on teenagers. SUCIDE this has happen to a lot of teens all over the world. Why would you want to judge someone just because their Race, Gender, Finical Status, Religion or their sexual orientation

In elementary school there wasn’t that much bullying…or at least from what I saw. But I wasn’t really the victim I was more the bully. Also many of the teachers would bully the kids also. Like my 4th and 7th grade teachers would pick on the kids so bad that they would end up crying, then when the kids told the administration about this. Didn’t do anything. The parents usually had to take matters in to their hands. Like my 4th grade teacher was picking on me and the school did nothing about it so my grandma had a meeting with him and broke his hand. But then I started to bully kids for fun and it made me feel better about myself. Also the school had discipline assemblies every quarter but yet the bullying was still a problem.

In elementary school from 1st to 4th grade. I wasn’t a bully. But then that all changed in 5th grade… There were 2 5th grade classes at my school… We despised each other!!! So like every day at recess and lunch we always fought. My class always one though ha-ha. Even our 5th grade teacher hated the other 5th grade teacher. Usually the yard supervisors would try to stop us but the really didn’t do much the just sent us back to our teachers. But then the teachers got so fed up the finally sent us to the principal. He took more serious actions. Because of fighting I didn’t get to do like all my “Fifth Grade End of the Year Privileges”. But it wasn’t worth it! Then I went to middle school. There was so much fights and bullying! There was some many “Cholos” and “Cholas”. So there was always a fight every day. The school would try to stop but they couldn’t. We’d either have the fights at Burger King or the Railroad Tracks.

Every Quarter the deans had a Discipline Assembly. It reviewed the school rules, about grades, school schedules and consequences. Honestly this didn’t do much, because there were always fights every day. But when we did fight the punished us by suspending us or giving us attention but yet again this didn’t do anything. A lot of the teachers said they had this so called “No Tolerance Policy” but most of them didn’t really enforce it.

The nature of young people. Do they just lack the maturity to not take advantages of the weak? Most “Bullies” just bully people to make them feel good about themselves, or sometimes people who are the victim of bullying often become the bullier. I don’t think they have the maturity to not pick on people to because as you get older and older you have less desire to pick on someone.

Can Adults change this? Can they change bullying and control the bullying environment in school. Adults can get involved in the school and their kids and decrease bullying all over the world. If parents discipline their kids and teach them from a young age not to bully other kids. Also they school needs to have bullying assemblies in elementary school so they can know no to bully.

Can they control this growing epidemic in United States and all over the world that is called bullying. This is not only the kid’s problems but the adults and administrations problem to. If we begin to take bullying seriously and take action bullying will be a thing of the past.


Is bullying a problem? Yes it is. Bullying is a huge problem happening to people all over the world. Almost everyone has either been bullied themselves or seen someone being bullied. So why has no one done anything to stop it?
A lot of kids are bullied in school. In middle school a group of kids called this one girl stupid because she was Asian. They would laugh at her or talk about her behind her back whenever she said anything. Another girl was made fun of for being a good student and because she wasn’t as pretty or popular as some of the other girls. And she was bullied because of her skin color. In gym class they would always make fun of her and laugh at her. On the bus they would throw stuff at her.
I didn’t do anything. I wouldn’t bully anyone but when I saw people being bullied I did nothing. Although I wanted to help them out and tell the bully to stop it, I thought it was better not to get involved. To just stay away from the bully and the victim. Otherwise you would just get bullied as well. Looking back on it, I wish I had stood up to the bully’s.
In my three years at middle school we only had one assembly for bullying. It was for girls only. It was not at all useful. Nobody was paying attention they were just texting or talking to their friends. All they said at the assembly was that if somebody came up to you and wanted a fight, you should just walk away. Otherwise you would be suspended. But it’s never that simple. Most schools or at least my school was completely useless when it came to bullying. While I understand that teachers can’t be everywhere at once, they could have tried a little harder to put a stop to bullying.
I think that bullying is just a part of life, and no one can really do anything to stop it. Most of the teachers don’t really care if there are kids being bullied as long as they get paid. And most students are too scared that they will be next to do anything to stop it. I think that maybe if more parents started teaching their kids that bullying is wrong then maybe there would be less bullying.

Since kindergarten teachers, parents, and school administrators have always taught students that bullying is wrong. All the schools I have attended pressure the knowledge that bullying someone is a bad thing. Most students understand this and steer clear from being a bully, however, some students don’t quite get it through their head. To be honest I’ve never seen anyone get stuffed in a locker or thrown in a trashcan. I’ve never even seen anyone getting beat up for lunch money. These incidents may occur every once in a while, but through the 15 schools I’ve been to, I’ve never seen that sort of stereotypical bullying.

Now although I’ve never seen the drastic bullying that children watch occur on television channels like Disney or Nickelodeon, there have been many incidents where people get hurt do to bullying. Normally, these people get hurt emotionally, not physically. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard students call their classmates names such as; nerds, dorks, losers, etc. Not only do they call their peers names, but also state outright insults such as; ugly, stupid, fat, etc. These bullies are real life bullies, and these bullies are in every school, every neighborhood, and even in work places. The traits of a bully aren’t just in students or kids, but I even see it in adults too. Most schools set up assemblies to prevent bullying. They teach you ways to talk to counselors and faculty about what you see. Sometimes people take that approach but most of the time they do not. I think it’s important to help out when other people are hurt. That is why whenever I see someone being ridiculed I try my best to comfort them.

I believe that because schools are so diverse, and have many students in them with different looks, beliefs, styles, and much more factors that can separate one another, it is difficult for everyone to get along. This is definitely not a good thing, however, schools are one of the first sources of social communications within people that are not included in your family. This creates somewhat of a practice for dealing with people in the grown up world. The strengths you learn from dealing with bullies will help you sufficiently when you are an adult.

All in all, minor bullying is part of school and growing up. Major bullying, however, can get someone seriously hurt. It is important to remember to keep an eye out for bullying that can result in fights, suicides, and even school shootings. Although these situations do not occur very often, they still are possible. Bullying can range from calling someone names, spreading rumors, throwing food at someone, or even hurting them in a physical matter. Any type of bullying is 100% wrong. You may never be able to stop a bully, but you can always do your part to better the lives of the victims. You can do this by making them feel comfortable around you, making them smile, or even just spending time with them. You never know how simple it could be to make a difference.