What I saw in middle school was a living nightmare. I mean there were kids behind the gym and after school fighting all the time and during the school fights the staff member did not try to prevent the bullying they just broke it up. Some of the fights were so bad that the police had to come and arrest some students. I even saw a student bully a teacher. The question is why it won’t stop. Even myself I got bully. From my experience the bully likes the power of when they bully someone.
In 8th grade in my 1st period science class there was this student that bullies a teacher. What he said to the teacher was cuss words and racial words. What the teacher did to the student is telling the principle and had him kick out of her class. What I did was nothing because I let the teacher take care of it. Now there was a student that kept bulling me until one day he went too far he told me “I am going to blow you up”. That right there made me not fill safe in De Anza. What I did was tell the principle which did not take care of his behavior towards me at all it just made it worse. There was this one staff member name Mr.Etter and he said “oh we are train for this kind of stuff now so we know what to do if something happens”. When I saw other fights I told the staff member that there was a fight going on.
What the school did to the kid to who cuss out the teacher and made racial comments about her is he got in trouble and kick out of her class and got put into another science class and what they also did was the suspended him for a week. What the school did to the student that threatens me was they yell at him and only suspended him for only two days and then he came back to De Anza. What the school did when I told them about the fights that were happing they went to go stop it and they figure out who started the fight.
Children are mean to the weak because maybe at tone time they were bullied to and were weak so now they are taking what happen to them to another kid. Also they might be bullies because they got problem at home like fighting or something like that at home. Another reason is that they either think or know the student won’t fight back and that they have control over them because there short and quiet. The last reason is they might feel like they have the power over the student that there bulling.
The principal and teacher can if they watch over every single student but they can’t because there not enough teacher at one school and plus the teacher and staff member can’t see everything that goes on in a middle school because the student population is too large.
Parents and adults cannot always protect their children because the parents are not always around the students and the adults don’t always see or know about the fights that go on in the school unless they are told but the student don’t want to get involved. But what the parents could do is raise their kids better and care about because most bullies parents don’t care what there student do at all.