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    At school I saw that kids that were really mean to one another just because they were either new or different on a level which they didn’t understand. I never bullied anyone to the point of hitting or shoving someone, but I am to blame about calling people names and talking behind their backs. I wasn’t proud of it and I really wish I hadn’t. I was just doing the same as the other kids did to me. The school administration didn’t do anything. It wasn’t until the bullying at Anacapa increased, that the schools teachers had assemblies explaining how to prevent bullying.
    Every day, there’s just no telling whose going to get bullied or made fun of. Kids think it’s funny to make fun of other kids, but what they don’t know that this is a serious issue that sometimes scares kids for life. I truly think if teachers address this issue more in school and parents at home, then this would decrease on all the bullying in schools all around.
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    In elementary school there wasn’t that much bullying…or at least from what I saw. But I wasn’t really the victim I was more the bully. Also many of the teachers would bully the kids also. Like my 4th and 7th grade teachers would pick on the kids so bad that they would end up crying, then when the kids told the administration about this. Didn’t do anything. The parents usually had to take matters in to their hands. Like my 4th grade teacher was picking on me and the school did nothing about it so my grandma had a meeting with him and broke his hand. But then I started to bully kids for fun and it made me feel better about myself. Also the school had discipline assemblies every quarter but yet the bullying was still a problem.
    In elementary school from 1st to 4th grade. I wasn’t a bully. But then that all changed in 5th grade… There were 2 5th grade classes at my school… We despised each other!!! So like every day at recess and lunch we always fought. My class always one though ha-ha. Even our 5th grade teacher hated the other 5th grade teacher. Usually the yard supervisors would try to stop us but the really didn’t do much the just sent us back to our teachers. But then the teachers got so fed up the finally sent us to the principal. He took more serious actions. Because of fighting I didn’t get to do like all my “Fifth Grade End of the Year Privileges”. But it wasn’t worth it! Then I went to middle school. There was so much fights and bullying! There was some many “Cholos” and “Cholas”. So there was always a fight every day. The school would try to stop but they couldn’t. We’d either have the fights at Burger King or the Railroad Tracks.
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    Bullying, As I Saw It: Private schools, Others
    Bullying, In My Words In Ventura, CA

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  3. page Bullying, In My Words edited ... Middle school is full of crap! There are so many groups of kids and so many different emotions…
    Middle school is full of crap! There are so many groups of kids and so many different emotions going around. Eighth grade was pretty cool. But I had my enemies, but I tried not to get into anything sinister. I do remember seeing plenty of fights from far off, but I didn’t care much.
    Some adults may actually try to change things, but if kids aren’t willing to change then the adults can’t help. At Anacapa they supplied us with many assemblies and seminars to remind us of rules and stuff. Sometimes they could help a little bit, but a few weeks later it would seem like we needed another to straighten things out.
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    grades. No one in Anacapa talked about bullying or the affects of what it could do to people. Adults should probably start taking control before it’s too late.
    I have had a life based on hate. It starts at the basics: hate of your annoying brother, then it progressed to actually hurting him, then hurting others, both physically and mentally. I have been in every position of bullying, except for the part where you try to stop others. Bullying is just like a bad infection on your hand, it grows, and then if left untreated, grows further, until you wind up in the hospital near death. I have nearly reached the full point of that.
    A young mind is easily manipulated, by human and other kinds of corruption. I was in third grade, at Elmhurst, and I had to share the last fifteen minutes of lunch with my brother. I had his friend beating on him, and eventually he was beating on me with my brother. Then he went back to fighting my brother. Eventually we were caught, and brought into Mr. Sather’s office to tell him about the whole thing. Then our parents got involved, and they all were ticked that: 1: we didn’t tell them about it. 2: We let this happen, doing nothing about it. 3: that they had to waste their valuable time to consult us about it. So it turned out like this: I had to spend all of lunch in the office for a week, me and my brother both got the computer and video games taken away for two weeks. For a third and first grader, that is harsh.
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  4. page Bullying, In My Words edited ... Everyone has their own view on bullying. Some think it’s funny to watch the smaller children s…
    Everyone has their own view on bullying. Some think it’s funny to watch the smaller children squirm. Others are more considerate and think bullying is just plain cruel.
    What I saw in middle school was a living nightmare. I mean there were kids behind the gym and after school fighting all the time and during the school fights the staff member did not try to prevent the bullying they just broke it up. Some of the fights were so bad that the police had to come and arrest some students. I even saw a student bully a teacher. The question is why it won’t stop. Even myself I got bully. From my experience the bully likes the power of when they bully someone.
    In 8th grade in my 1st period science class there was this student that bullies a teacher. What he said to the teacher was cuss words and racial words. What the teacher did to the student is telling the principle and had him kick out of her class. What I did was nothing because I let the teacher take care of it. Now there was a student that kept bulling me until one day he went too far he told me “I am going to blow you up”. That right there made me not fill safe in De Anza. What I did was tell the principle which did not take care of his behavior towards me at all it just made it worse. There was this one staff member name Mr.Etter and he said “oh we are train for this kind of stuff now so we know what to do if something happens”. When I saw other fights I told the staff member that there was a fight going on.
    What the school did to the kid to who cuss out the teacher and made racial comments about her is he got in trouble and kick out of her class and got put into another science class and what they also did was the suspended him for a week. What the school did to the student that threatens me was they yell at him and only suspended him for only two days and then he came back to De Anza. What the school did when I told them about the fights that were happing they went to go stop it and they figure out who started the fight.
    Children are mean to the weak because maybe at tone time they were bullied to and were weak so now they are taking what happen to them to another kid. Also they might be bullies because they got problem at home like fighting or something like that at home. Another reason is that they either think or know the student won’t fight back and that they have control over them because there short and quiet. The last reason is they might feel like they have the power over the student that there bulling.
    The principal and teacher can if they watch over every single student but they can’t because there not enough teacher at one school and plus the teacher and staff member can’t see everything that goes on in a middle school because the student population is too large.
    Parents and adults cannot always protect their children because the parents are not always around the students and the adults don’t always see or know about the fights that go on in the school unless they are told but the student don’t want to get involved. But what the parents could do is raise their kids better and care about because most bullies parents don’t care what there student do at all.

    Every time you walk down the halls of a middle school you will probably see someone being bullied, or being called names. This is a everyday occurrence, it will never stop. I think that middle school is just a period of time that kids are trying to find there likes and dislikes. They just can’t cope with the real world. No madder how hard adults try to stop bulling, it won’t work. The only possible solution to this is to either lock kids in boxes at this stage, or keep them from other kids.
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